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day before tan


Wax / shave any unwanted body hair


Advise us if you are on your period. This can change the PH of your skin too!


Exfoliate with an oil-free scrub or paraben free soap & Glove/Drybrush


Complete any spa treatments, main/pedis & wash hair if needed


No DOVE / OLAY soap (cheat soaps either) Before or After!


Certain medications including steriods and retinol creams can affect the outcome of the tan so please let us know ahead of time so we can advise you on a good appt time


Hydrate...Hydrate...Hydrate... lots of H2O for balanced skin


Avoid using any products high in PH

day of tan


Discontinue any showering at least 4 hours prior to your appt. If you must shower day of rinse with cool water and no soap or products


No deodarant / lotion / perfume / oils / makeup or similar spray tan barriers


Avoid shaving, washing hair / hair products within 24 hours of your appt


​Wear Dark, Loose-fitting clothing with open toed sandals (Bring umbrella, rain jacket, closed-toes shoes with thick soft socks if rain is expected!)

post tan


NO TOUCHING - Avoid touching the skin & any skin on skin contact


FUTURE SHOWERS - Avoid using loofahs or wash clothes during showers & just use hands with soap in areas where needed (underarms & private areas) to extend the life of the tan. 


BEFORE RINSING - Avoid Moisture until rinse time (sweating, getting wet, hair appts, dishes, laundry, pet kisses)


STAY HYDRATED - Moisturize with lotion twice a day or more! Especially after showering. This is KEY to keep tan hydrated. Drinking tons of H2O helps the skin stay hydrated too!


​INITIAL RINSE - Rinse at designated rinse time in cool to lukewarm water starting from feet & work water up the body to avoid streaking. No soap the 1st shower. Make sure water runs clear. Pat dry


IMPORTANT - Use only spray tan friendly products! Paraben-free soaps, hair products, lotions, deodarants, etc. If it doesn't say it on the bottle, it most likely isn't paraben-free. Avoid oils unless made for spray tans. Ask us about or sunless retail products that can extend the life of your tan at home


Wait 24 hours to use soaps, workout, etc. for full color development


ACTIVITY CHECK - To preserve your tan avoid shaving, waxing, swimming, massages, hot tubs, saunas, baths, hot showers and excessive sweating

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