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why the new name?

As we continue to evolve as a business so does our intention & mission. We are excited to announce the changing of our business name to “Alchemy Tan” to better represent who we are as a business in the sunless tanning industry. After all, if we remain unchanged in this journey of life, it remains more challenging to grow! If you can’t manage change, then the ALCHEMY isn’t working.




“a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation." At its essence, spray tanning is an alchemical process! Alchemy is the process of transformation.”


We consider our tanning artists Alchemists- knowledgable in every aspect of spraying on confidence for our clients. Transforming your outer shell into a golden hue with the magical process that is spray tanning, which amplifies your inner glowing goddess even more!


We always strive to create a safe space where you feel comfortable & leave us feeling transformed from the inside out. Thank you to every single soul who has been with us on our journey as a business. We couldn’t have survived this far without your love, support & feedback. May we all continue to challenge each other to grow & change to the best version of ourselves everyday 💛✨


With Love & Gratitude,

Bree M

Owner & Founder

Namaste Tan now known as Alchemy Tan✨

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