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Welcoming Alchemy Tan Partner...
The Yellow Alchemist

Bree is a natural-born Empathic Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Sound Healing Practitioner, Master Reiki/Energy Healer, and certified Yoga Teacher for over 11 years. For someone who can see and hear into the spirit world, Bree loves helping people discover the answers they are seeking. She is well known for her direct honesty, delivery, empathy, sense of humor and accuracy. During Bree’s readings she is able to tune in and speak directly from the heart with pure authenticity & love with the guidance/downloads she receives from the spirit realm. Bree’s life purpose is to help show people they are chosen for a unique calling and purpose through healing guidance within her readings. And to always hold a safe space for souls to be seen, heard and understood while receiving the answers they are looking for.

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