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Terms & Conditions



You may cancel or reschedule your appointment 24+hours before your scheduled appointment time to avoid penalty- 

  • Late Cancel Fee (50% of service): 12-24 hours before your scheduled appointment 

  • Same Day/No-Show Fee (100%): 12 hours or less before your scheduled appointment time- If this happens more than once we reserve the right to reject for future appointments. 

24 - 48 Hours Before Your Tan
Timing is Crucial. Your Spray Tan appt should be the absolute last service.


  • Wax/shave any unwanted body hair

  • Exfoliate with an oil-free scrub or paraben free soap & Glove/Drybrush

  • No DOVE/OLAY soap (cheat soaps either) Before or After!

  • Hydrate...Hydrate...Hydrate... lots of H2O for balanced skin

  • Avoid using any products high in PH

  • Advise us if you are on your period. This can change the PH of your skin too!

  • Complete any spa treatments, main/pedis & wash hair if needed

  • Certain medications including steriods and retinol creams can affect the outcome of the tan so please let us know ahead of time so we can advise you on a good appt time

Day of Tan

  • Discontinue any showering at least 4 hours prior to your appt. If you must shower day of rinse with cool water and no soap or products

  • No deodarant/lotion/perfume/oils/makeup or similar spray tan barriers

  • Avoid shaving, washing hair/hair products within 24 hours of your appt

  • Wear Dark, Loose-fitting clothing with open toed sandals (Bring umbrella, rain jacket, closed-toes shoes with thick soft socks if rain is expected!)

Post Tan

  • NO TOUCHING - Avoid touching the skin & any skin on skin contact

  • BEFORE RINSING - Avoid Moisture until rinse time (sweating, getting wet, hair appts, dishes, laundry, pet kisses)

  • INITIAL RINSE - Rinse at designated rinse time in cool to lukewarm water starting from feet & work water up the body to avoid streaking. No soap the 1st shower. Make sure water runs clear. Pat dry

  • Wait 24 hours to use soaps, workout, etc. for full color development

  • ACTIVITY CHECK - To preserve your tan avoid shaving, waxing, swimming, massages, hot tubs, saunas, baths, hot showers and excessive sweating

  • FUTURE SHOWERS - Avoid using loofahs or wash clothes during showers & just use hands with soap in areas where needed (underarms & private areas) to extend the life of the tan. 

  • STAY HYDRATED - Moisturize with lotion twice a day or more! Especially after showering. This is KEY to keep tan hydrated. Drinking tons of H2O helps the skin stay hydrated too!

  • IMPORTANT - Use only spray tan friendly products! Paraben-free soaps, hair products, lotions, deodarants, etc. If it doesn't say it on the bottle, it most likely isn't paraben-free. Avoid oils unless made for spray tans. Ask us about or sunless retail products that can extend the life of your tan at home

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